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    You want to use podcasts to get your message across? We can help. Here's how.

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    We start with you - your passion, your brand, your message. We find out what you want to say and who you'd like to say it to .

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    We put our creativity and expertise into coming up with innovative ideas for content that will capture your audiences.

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    Podcart works with you to set up your podcast as well as advising on audience building and podcast promotion.

  • Why a podcast?

    Podcasts offer a new way of communicating - direct, engaging, flexible, powerful. PLUS - as the COVID pandemic changes the way we interact, podcasts can help you keep in touch with your audiences.

    Podcast listening is growing - and fast

    "...podcasts are gaining in popularity with MIDAS (RAJAR's audio survey) data reporting 9.4 million listeners in the UK - an increase of 45% in the last year..."


    Next Episode: The Opportunity for Podcasts.

    Ipsos Mori Feb 2020



    Niched content people love

    Podcasts can be quirky, edgy, oddly specific... Give people the right content and they're glued to it. Which is a great opportunity for you.


    "Podcasts are an active experience for the listener; a ‘lean-in’ moment and a choice they’ve consciously made. And, even for branded shows, we find that the majority of people are listening to multiple episodes."


    Branded Podcasts. They're a thing (Jan 20)

    Jack Preston, Acast Creative UK Lead

    Brands are podcasting


    In 2018, South African finance giant, Sanlam, put a podcast front and centre of their multi-million rand Two Hundred Year Old media campaign.


    Podcart was part of this ground-breaking production. Read more about what it meant for SA podcasting here.


  • What can podcasts do for you?

    Here are a few of our own recent podcast editions to illustrate the kinds of things podcasts do really well.

    Powerful storytelling


    Podcast: First Person


    First Person was developed by Podcart for Kagiso Media. Award-winning journalist Marianne Thamm discovers ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell.

    First Person was listed in January 2019 by WebAfrica as one of SA's Top Ten Podcasts and in 2018 as one of the five SA podcasts you should be listening to by Memeburn). It was also featured in the 'New and Noteworthy' section of the SA iTunes store.


    Edition: Shrooms at 70

    Monica Cromhout takes us on her incredible journey - from teetotal grandmother to champion of psychedelic mushrooms.

    Bringing a brand to life


    Podcast: World of Endurance


    In 2017, Old Mutual chose podcasting to help bring to life its flagship sponsorship platform, World of Endurance. Podcart produced weekly running and mountain bike editions. This combination of information and inspiration delivered with high production values has worked. Since their launch, the World of Endurance podcasts have had over 430 000 downloads.

    Here's one we did on the latest tech for MTB enthusiasts, mixing an interview with one of SA's leading digital thinkers (and passionate MTB-er), Matt Buckland, with the voices of ordinary riders.

    Creating a community


    Podcast: The Village Live


    Magazine entrepreneur, Vanessa Raphaely, started The Village Facebook page as a safe place for parents of teens and tweens to ask questions, get advice, share ideas and generally let each other know that they are not alone. The Village Live podcast was a natural next step and it's a great example of something that podcasts do brilliantly - create a community. Something that holds huge potential for a brand.


    Edition: D.I.V.O.R.C.E. #1

    The first of a two-parter about an issue that comes up again and again on the site - how to try and get your kids through divorce as intact as possible. We got six Villagers - all divorced - around a table to share their wisdom.

    Getting a message across


    Podcast: Engagement in Action


    Rhodes University is very effective in helping the community that surrounds it. The problem was that not many people – either inside or outside the university – knew much about what they were up to. They looked to podcasting to help. Using well-crafted, in-depth interviews creatively combined with actuality, Engagement in Action brings the work to life, giving a voice to those involved – both from campus and city.


    Digital storytelling is a growing movement across the world. Using simple digital tools, it helps people from all walks of life tell their own stories - to heal, to share, to be listened to. Hear how Rhodes is using it to build a stronger community.

  • Clients

    Here are some of the people we've produced audio for.

    Click on the green links for samples

    Rhodes University


    Pearson SA

    Kagiso Media (First Person)


    Old Mutual's World of Endurance

    The Mail and Guardian


    Old Mutual

    Cape Town Routes Unlimited

    Stellakaya Wines



  • What people have said

    First Person podcast

    “So clear and so close to the ear! This doesn’t just tell you what other lives are all about, you actually feel like you’re living them. A tremendous broadcast experience, somewhere between reading, listening and living.”

    Jeremy Vine, presenter the lunchtime show on BBC Radio 2 (UK)


    “So refreshing to find local content as good as the best docu-story-telling from the CBC, BBC, and NPR etc.”

    Jacqueline Domisse, Cape Town


    “While Serial focused on a specific person’s predicament for an entire season, South Africa’s First Person podcast is reworking this format to a more acute and local degree.…….The half-an-hour weekly cast focuses on seemingly ordinary South Africans who harbour curious, tabooed and captivating secrets. And I mean captivating.”

    Tech site – Memeburn

    Santam Be safe out there podcast

    ”The series of podcasts Jayne produced for us for Santam were a huge success. The quality of production was world class and Jayne is a true professional – managing to get the best out of the speakers and craft it into a beautiful piece of content. Very happy clients!”

    Kelly May: Account Manager, Society social media and content marketing agency, King James Group.

    Pearson - Mandela: Celebrating the Legacy CD

    “When Pearson decided to create a legacy book to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s awe-inspiring life, we wanted to add a special lasting element that would set it apart from similar publications. Jayne Morgan tackled this very sensitive task with great professionalism and enthusiasm. She identified and contracted a superb voice-over artist, identified key extracts in the speeches, prepared the script to provide context to the recordings and enhanced the raw audio files as much as possible. The files were delivered back to us in the formats we needed and in record time. The final product was certainly something we are all very proud of.”

    Karen Simpson: Learning Resources Director, Pearson South Africa.

  • Who we are

    Jayne Morgan

    Jayne started as a radio producer (BBC Radio 4 in the UK and SAfm and Talk Radio 702 in SA) and worked on a wide variety of feature, current affairs and entertainment shows. After being asked to help devise and launch the Mail & Guardian podcast in 2006, she saw the huge potential of podcasting and, in 2007, launched Podcart to produce quality downloadable audio content for brands.


    "For me, audio is the most powerful medium there is. Its immediacy, its ability to get right inside your head is unique. That's why I'm convinced podcasting is an extremely useful tool for any business. The trick, though, is getting your content right. There are a lot of people not doing that. Podcart is trying to open people's ears to a different kind of audio experience."


    Podcart now works with a network of talented producers and storytellers to create powerful, compelling content for anyone who wants to use audio as a way of communicating with their audiences.


    Hear Jayne and First Person presenter, Marianne Thamm, talk podcasting on Trending Tonight on East Coast Radio.

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