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    Pioneering podcasts since 2007

  • What we do

    You want to use podcasts to speak to your audiences? We can help. Here's how.

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    We listen

    What do you want?

    We start with you - your passion, your brand, your message. We find out what you want to say and who you'd like to say it to .

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    We think

    How can we help?

    We put our creativity and expertise into coming up with innovative ideas for content that will capture your audiences.

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    We create

    We make your podcast.

    All our production know-how goes in to making those ideas a reality. Real content, real quality, real listeners, real podcast love.

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    We support

    We get it out there.

    Podcart works with you to set up your podcast as well as advising on audience building and podcast promotion.

  • Why a podcast?

    Podcasts offer a unique way of communicating - direct, engaging, flexible, powerful. They attract an abundance of one of the world's scarcest commodities. Attention.

    Audiences are still growing

    Podcast listening was already going up, it increased further in the pandemic and there's still room for more growth.


    "Podcasts present one of the biggest growth opportunities for UK media in 2023 ... 13% of respondents from the UK said they would increase their use of podcasts this year."




    Podcast listening set to grow in the UK 2023.

    Press Gazette on Yougov Survey Feb 2023



    Niched content people love

    Podcasts can be quirky, edgy, oddly specific. Give people the right content and they're glued to it. For a long time. Which is a great opportunity for you.


    "Podcasts are an active experience for the listener; a ‘lean-in’ moment and a choice they’ve consciously made. And, even for branded shows, we find that the majority of people are listening to multiple episodes."


    Branded Podcasts. They're a thing

    Jack Preston, Acast Creative UK Lead

    More than just a podcast

    In-studio video, live events, audience shows, merch, viral clips, new production tools - this is not a static industry. Podcasting is changing all the time and offering fresh opportunties for brands


    "With the world opening up and people seeking more human interaction, I suspect that podcasts that provide a genuine human connection with the host will become the clear favorites."


    What is the future of podcasting in 2023

    Stuart Townsend, Podcast Hawk.

  • Podcast Projects

    Here are a few recent productions we're particularly proud of.

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    High profile productions

    We helped conceive and develop this chart-topping, accessible, entertaining and thought-provoking books podcast. Now going into its fifth series, we combine A-list authors, knowledgeable co-presenters, a diverse and engaging band of book clubbers and, of course, one of the world's best-loved presenters - and writers - showing a slightly different side to himself.



    98% 5* reviews. Commissioned for Series 5 and 6 in 2023/24. Currently in Audible's Top 10


    “I adore this podcast! It’s so interesting, funny, bookish. It’s fantastic entertainment and very
    instructive. Please make them quicker, it’s hard to wait for the new series.Graham at his best"


    "My weekly ear candy. Fills me laughter and makes me pick up a book. I always leave with new list of reserved titles in our library. I enjoy every minute."


    "I find these podcasts so interesting. Graham is as always an excellent host. The way in which the guests come from different backgrounds make the views interesting and varied. I also like the way he chooses books that you might not think of reading."


    Created for Audible through So Television.
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    Change Your Tune for The Bach Choir

    Reaching new audiences

    World-renowned chorus, The Bach Choir wanted to get more people listening to choral music and open it up to younger and more diverse audiences. They chose podcasting and Podcart. We conceptualised Change Your Tune, exploring six, instantly recognizable pieces - from The Hallelujah Chorus to O Fortuna! Musical Director, David Hill uses the choir to illustrated this voyage of musical discovery teamed with celebrity guests – kicking off with BBC front man, Huw Edwards, on the Coronation centre-piece, Zadok the Priest.

    Hit Top 10 in the Apple music podcast chart - getting choral music in amongst house and grime!

    “Absolutely love this new podcast and have listened to it three times already … can’t wait for the next episode.”

    “David is an amazing host and getting an understanding of the music - and how the choir creates it - is really interesting.”

    A Podcart production for The Bach Choir.

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    The Friendship File for Podcart

    Original content

    Do you really know how the people closest to you see you? In The Friendship File, two friends answer the same 17 questions, on their own and without conferring. Each episode is a combination of those answers, creating a portrait of one of the world's most precious commodities - a friendship.


    Featured in the Apple carousel and Top 20 Society & Culture, BBC R4 Extra's Podcast Show, Best of British Podcasts and more.


    “I cannot recommend this highly enough! Grab your lilo and your sun cream and relax into this
    brilliant and thought provoking insight into friendship.”

    “Insightful, clever, funny, moving, strongly recommended."


    "An earful of lovely. Life affirming, moving, surprising and funny. I loved this series and really want more."

    A Podcart original podcast.

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    Insight Story for Kaspersky

    Helping brands connect with their customers

    This global brand wanted a technology-based podcast that would capture the attention of top-level execs. We conceptualised and created this 6-part series to provide business leaders with unmissable insight into new tech trends, helping them make better strategic decisions. Covering topics such as blockchain, the metaverse (is it even a thing?), mixed reality and digital trust, we created a format combining top-level subject specialists with real-world case studies.


    Plus, our focus was deliberately away from the usual global north-based voices and sourced contributors from, amongst other places, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Korea, South Africa, Turkey and India.


    "Insight Story is an absolute must-listen foranyone craving a competitive edge in the tech-driven business landscape.”


    "If you're leading a business, a team, or even a campaign, these stories are an easy, entertaining way to tap into tech, where it's at, and where it's going! Great host, great guests, great podcast!”


    A Podcart production for Kaspersky.

  • Who is behind this?


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    Jayne Morgan

    Jayne started her production life with BBC Radio 4 and worked on a wide variety of feature, current affairs and entertainment shows including Start the Week, You & Yours and Loose Ends. She went to South Africa looking for adventure and discovered podcasting She saw its huge potential as a communications tool and, in 2007, launched Podcart, South Africa's first commercial podcasting company, to produce quality downloadable audio content for brands. Now back in the UK, she is a Series Producer creating work for a range of outlets and clients as well as her own originals.


    "For me, audio is the most powerful medium there is. Its immediacy, its ability to transfix and transport listeners is unique. That's why podcasting is an extremely useful tool for any business - it delivers genuine attention that cannot be replicated elsewhere. The trick, though, is getting your content right. There are a lot of people not doing that. We are focused on the fact that delivering for a brand, means first delivering for a listener."


    Podcart works with a network of talented producers and storytellers to create compelling content for anyone who wants to use audio to communicate with their audiences.

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     What people have said


    "When we got the chance to do the Graham Norton Book Club for Audible, it was Mr Norton himself who said he knew the absolute best person to produce it. And as we have come to expect from Graham he was totally right. Jayne Morgan calmly, efficiently and brilliantly set up the entire operation and proceeded to create an outstanding audio experience for the platform. The great success and returnability of the Book Club is a huge tribute to the impressive skillset of both Jayne and Graham. The moral of the tale is always get Graham Norton to book your senior team and make sure Jayne Morgan is on it."

    Graham Stuart, Managing Director, So Television.


    (Pic: One of the highlights of my audio life (life in general, in fact), recording Graham Norton interviewing Alan Bennett about his novella, The Uncommon Reader, for S4 Episode 10 of The Graham Norton Book Club.)

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    "Jayne is incredibly gifted as a podcast producer – she really knows what will work in audio. She’s also a great delight to work with – bringing energy and attention to quality. If you’re considering launching a brand audio series or regular podcast, get in touch with Jayne, she will make the audio magic happen with you!"

    Susi O'Neill, Head of Brand Content B2B, Brand Activation Studio | Global | Kaspersky


    (Pic: Another career highlight - interviewing Mr South Africa 1995 at Sun City. How and why this happened is long story but - that is a shirt.)

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